tirsdag 22. juni 2010

Empire state of Klong Toey

1.The pond next to the rotary field

After many technical difficulties, and long hours of research, we managed to start blogging. We hope to keep you all updated on our Klong Toey mission.

2. Klong Toey Satellite Location

About Klong Toey

Klong Toey Neighborhood is located next to the Klong Toey Port in the city of Bangkok, Thailand and compromises an area of 44 hectares. It is home to about 130.000 people, the majority of who are rural migrants who came to Bangkok from the Northeast of Thailand in search for jobs during summer time but who ended up settling.
Klong Toey is centrally located close to hospitals, markets, parks, business and institutional areas. It is also well connected to the rest of the city through highways and public transport. These conditions have made the neighborhood a desirable and popular place for low income families living wanting to live within the city boundaries.

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