tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Friday night is movie night!

On friday 18.06.10 we had our first movie night at the Rotary football court.

In the previous days to the event, we had gone around Klong Toey and talked to the resident letting them now about friday night. We had also hanged up some posters at the busiest gathering places and asked the community leader to announce the event through the speakers.
We have later realized that it is better to hang the posters up the same day of the event because they don’t last longer than one day!

Carla is spreading the word

For the event we had a computer and a projector, but were missing both a sound system, a movie and the availability of the place. For the sound system, we spoke with some of the people we know, but it wasn’t easy to find someone who could borrow us speakers with enough sound power for an open space. After walking back and forth we found someone who had an available stereo system but who was charging us for renting it. As we wanted to find other solutions, we didnt agree in a price or renting it at all, but when we came back from renting the movie, the sound system had already been set up at the court. We thought they wanted to help us by borrowing us the sound system, but by the end of the movie we were asked to pay for it 500Bth! After an hour of conversations and the involvement of many people, we ended up paying 300Bth. Regarding the space, we talked to the people who use the court to play football in the evenings and agreed with them to have the field free at 8pm, one hour before they normally finish.

Ploy introducing Min Buri project

We started the event by presenting ourselves an talking about what we are doing. we then move on to show some pictures of the Min Buri Library project by TYIN tegnstue, as an inspiring start to captivate people´s attention. Adults and children got very interested by the project and how TYIN had cooperated with the community to built something that worked and looked so well. We ended the presentation with two pictures from the area of Rotary court. One showing today's situation, while the other one, a rendering, showing how it could be by implementing some small changes.



The presentation went very well and it was positively taken by the residents who could saw that is possible to make things happen if we all work together.
Some members of the community committee joined the session and showed interest int the project, but at the same time some apprehension because of previous experiences. The activity was in many ways successful. People had begun to recognize us and children keep asking about the next activities.

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