fredag 30. juli 2010

Part 1: four weeks, five phases

The first part, developed in June and July of 2010 was divided into 5 phases, according to the development of the process in itself and our perception of the context and environment. These five phases are presented with texts, maps and pictures, in a way that we hope is understandable and able to comunicate not only our analisys but the activities and workshops done in situs as well as our reflections.

The Phase1-"people" was done during the first week and consisted in gather information of people from diferent areas in Khlong Toei. The questions approached age, ocupation, family constitution, the reason of their presence on the community, their dreams for the future and some stories about Khlong Toei.
Phase 2 -"Routes" was composed by several workshops in diferent areas in the community. These workshops approached both children and adults and the objective was to understand the daily routines of the residents from diferent ages and living in diferent locks, as well as to gather information about the favourite and worst places in Khlong Toei, where people spend most of their time and to ask for suggestions about public spaces to improve, where and how.
Phase 3 - "Spaces" came with the answers in the previous phase, "routes". Six spaces where mentioned within the workshops and interviews we made and therefore, in this phase we decided to present these spaces and to ask for people to chose three of them to improve, as well as suggestions on what and how to change them.
Phase 4 - "Designing and cleaning", once more, came in sequence with the previous phase. After getting to know the three places most people chose to improve and why, we decided to do something to intervenne with those places. Therefore, it we made some workshops in situs to get to know what people thought about the specific place, what was missing, what was okay, what could be improved. With the drawings from the residents we gather ideas to work on and since most of them mentioned the garbage as one of the main problems, we organised several "cleanning days" with the community, where everybody helped and with what we tried to instill the sense of responsability about the garbage in our living spaces.
Phase 5 - "Building it" was focused only in one of the three places chosen, due to the lack of time we had for this phase. With the ideas from the drawing workshops we collected some of the topics and applied to real, making a small intervention in collaboration with the residents, making things happening, making something real.

In the end, we tried to sum up most of the aspects we think are importante, besides the conclusions we worked on some reflections that can help for the readers to understand better the context and what was done in this first part of the project, as well as for a better intervention later on in Khlong Toei.

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