fredag 30. juli 2010

Phase 3 - "Spaces"

With the information we got from phase 2, we focused our questions in the public spaces and asked which ones people would improve, how and what they would change. The spaces we focused on were The Rotary court and the Pond next to it, the Boxing court, the Ton Sai area, The Library; the football court 2 next to the Library; and the Community Comitte house.

From the places given, inside the community, which ones would you improve? Do you have suggestions of how and what to do?

Girls living near the Rotary Court discussing where should be improved and how dirty the pond near the Rotary Court was

P Ui looking and thinking where should be improved, also noted that it should be everyone's responsibility to take care of it. If not, it's not going to worth improving anything.

Most people chose the Pond, mainly because is too dirty, due to the high amount of garbage, because of the smell and because it is dangerous for children to fall into it. The suggestions are to clean it; to make a fence so people cannot through garbage inside and also to prevent kids from falling inside; to plant grass and other plants; and to fix the walkway between the Rotary court and the Pond which keeps sinking. However they do not know how to keep it clean because it has to be collaboration between everybody otherwise it won’t work.
The pond has served also as a deposit to extinguish fires, however, due to the increased amount of garbage in it, it became a garbage dump site instead. From this, another suggestion from the community is to keep it as a pond, but clean, to work as a water deposit for fire extinguisher.

Next to the Pond, the Rotary court is a central area and a big open space. However, it gets constantly flooded; the fence is broken and dogs go inside and mess the court; and the building inside is sinking and only has been used as storage. The community committee used to organize events and activities in this court but not anymore and also due to “conflicts” between different areas inside the community, people that are not from this area, just do not use the Rotary. The suggestions are to clean it and to fix the fence. To do something with the building it has to be reconstructed because the exiting one is sinking.

The grandmothers saying that maybe the Football 2 area should be improved and thought that it could be nicer to pass and look at after the improvement

About the Football next to the Library some people pointed out the garbage inside and suggested to clean it and to repaint the floor.

About the Boxing court, someone explained that some time ago “boxers” had reputation of being addicted to drugs so, it became less popular and nowadays it is used more for small kids to play around and not really for practicing boxing. But it is a good space, so if it is improved, should be announced as a new place. It is close to the big open area under the highways and might be easier to attract people. The program should be related with sports and because it is used by many kids, there should be more playground structures for them instead of just having an open space.

For the Community Committee house, only some people referred to it as a disorganized space, but too small to create a public area.

This phase allowed us to get to know more in detail the different public spaces inside the community, being able to choose three of them to go deeply in the next phase “designing and cleaning”. Therefore we selected the Rotary court, the Football 2 next to the Library and the Boxing court to intervene.

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